Youths Should Be Actively Involved In Politics – APC Youth Leader

Mr. Idris Aregbe, the Youth Organising Secretary for the All Progressives Congress, Lagos State chapter, has reportedly urged youths to participate in politics.

According to reports, Aregbe made the call while inaugurating a 17-man committee to motivate Lagos youth for active participation in voting and other political processes.

 He stated, “For representation, forward-thinking, and the future of Nigerian politics, this action is very pivotal. The committee will also create programs that engage the youth for community development and political education.”

He noted, “I believe that the youth has the capacity to alter the dynamics of the Nigerian political scene for the better, but this cannot be done if the youths do not take immediate action towards securing the future. His passionate commitment for assembling youths regarding political participation has birthed this initiative. Youth involvement in politics will determine the fate of Nigeria’s future, economically and otherwise.  And we must be ready and willing to make those sacrifices.”

He added, “The necessary political education required to equip the youths for governance is largely lacking; this is one of the issues that this committee is convened to address.”

He maintained, “Beyond vying for political positions in the executive arm of government, the youths should be ready to take up shared responsibility through community involvement, obtaining their Permanent Voter’s Card and engaging with political parties.”

He pointed out that, “Youths need to become more involved in political parties, political appointments, elections and civic spaces as a matter of right, rather than that of someone’s benevolence as it is sometimes suggested; this is a pragmatic strategy towards finding lasting solutions to various challenges across Nigeria.”



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