Yoruba Nation Insists That Rally Would Hold In Lagos Today

The Ilana Omo Oodua has disclosed that the proposed rally would still hold as scheduled, despite warning from the Lagos State Commissioner of Police.

This was reportedly made known by the group’s General Secretary, George Akinola, adding that it was the responsibility of the police to protect protesters and all law-abiding people.

According to him, “We have read what the police said and they did not even say our planned rally is illegal. They talked about hoodlums and also talked traffic jam.”

He added that, “It is the duty of the police to ensure that hoodlums do not infiltrate us. We have held our rally in other states and none of it was hijacked. The police in Lagos State should also not allow this one to be hijacked. We will cooperate with the police.”

He stated that, “Politicians, religious organisations and others hold rallies and processions in Lagos and they were not stopped because of traffic jam. We are not going to disturb other people, so we will cooperate with the police. We are calling on the police to protect us on Saturday. It will hold on Saturday but the venue will be communicated later.”

Meanwhile, in a live Facebook broadcast, Igboho spokesperson, Olayomi Koika, has insisted that the plan for the rally hasn’t changed.

According to him, “I can still confirm officially that the Lagos rally, irrespective of whatever news or rumours you’ve been listening to from different outlets, will go as planned. The 3rd of July mega rally will go on as planned. All arrangements for the rally have been planned and nothing has changed.”

He stated that, “I have spoken to the organisers, nothing has changed so far. On the 3rd of July from exactly 9 am [the rally will start]. The whole arrangement and planning are going on. I’ve spoken with the General Secretary of Ilana Omo Odua, George Akinola and Emeritus Professor Banji Akintoye and he (Akintoye) is working tirelessly for the release of those taken away.”

He added that, “The rally in Lagos is going to be a peaceful rally, it is going to be a mega rally; do not be disturbed about what happened. So many developments took place at Igboho’s house.”

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