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World Igbo Congress Rejects EBUBEAGU, Supports ESN

South Eastern Governors met last week for a security meeting and came up with a joint security outfit codenamed EBUBEAGU.

However, the World Igbo Congress Chairman, Board of Directors, Prof. Anthony Ejiofor and the executive members of the group has vehemently rejected the security outfit.

According to a report from the Guardian, The WIC spokesman, Basil Onwukwe advised Governors of the region to support the Eastern Security Network to make it a strong security outfit for the Igbo ethnic group.

Onwukwe probed that,  “How do you expect the same people whose kith and kin hold the Sword of Damocles over our heads to be our defenders? That is antithetical. Governors beware of the Trojan horse”.

He added that, “Considering the foregoing, WIC rejects the Ebubeagu security outfit, following the circumstances surrounding the announcement after the bulge claim that ESN is involved in the prison break in Owerri, without evidence”.

The spokesman also said that “WIC will not hold apologies in protecting our homeland when the national security operatives have failed to prosecute a captured Fulani bandit. More so, it is an abdication of our inalienable rights to self-preservation”.

 He advised that “The southeast governors need to revitalise their justice departments and begin to prosecute violators of the open grazing law, by enforcing the laws in their book. It will help in checking the marauding Fulani herdsmen“.

According to reports, The group urged leaders in the South-East to sue President Muhammadu Buhari for not involving the Igbo ethnic group in top positions in government.

“This is a brazen and flagrant violation of the Federal Character clause of the 1999 Constitution. The objective is to redress the imbalance, so that, in the future, security meetings such as the one held in Owerri (penultimate) Sunday will not look like a master-servant instructional session”, the group added.


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