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Why Most Americans are ill-informed

When resentment overcrowds facts.

First and foremost, this is not an intrusion on Americans rather an overview and analysis as an observer.
During yesterday’s presidential debate between President Trump and Biden, he mentioned that coyotes bring in kids over the border illegally, innocent kids, possibly kidnapped or paid by their parents to smuggle them into the country. Every endeavour to locate their parents has failed.

Instantly some leftist crowded social media ranting and ridiculously demanding how could coyotes bring in a full human being across the border. Most of the comments came from blue marked individuals including Corporate Attorney & Investment Advisor. GA State Representative- Chief Deputy Whip of @gahousedem…

Coyotes is an immigration slang that has been in use since the 1980s, it describes human traffickers, mainly in the US. Border patrol agents, immigration attorneys and the majority of Americans use that perpetually. It’s alarming that even the so-called celebs, government officials claiming to be fighting for kids and women lack knowledge on the subject matter.

In the age of social media and more especially Twitter its pertinent to moderate your write-up before posting or tweeting. 

Coyotes definition from Merriam-webster dictionary:

Why Most Americans are ill-informed 25

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John Uzuegbu

Creative writing is not just my hobby but part of my existence. I am a born writer and when I drop a stroke, it causes an earthquake.

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