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WHO Launches Online Platform for Malaria Recommendations

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has on Tuesday launched recent recommendations for malaria through MAGICapp, a new online platform designed by the organisation.

The World Health Organisation did this in a bid to assist malaria-affected countries in their efforts to eliminate the deadly disease which claims over 400,000 people yearly.

The new platform contains WHO official recommendations on malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

It also contains links to other resources such as guidance on the strategic use of other resources such as guidance on the strategic use of information to drive impact; surveillance, monitoring and evaluation and a glossary of key terms and definitions.

The platform encourages feedbacks from users through its feedback tab as well as inputs from stake holders via email ( in order to update or further clarify recommendations in need of attention.

Dr Pedro Alonso, Director of the WHO Global Malaria Programme said the guidelines was a step in WHO’s efforts to help malaria affected nations around the globe.

“These consolidated guidelines represent an important step in our efforts to deliver timely, evidence-based guidance to malaria-endemic countries.

“They will soon become a living resource that is updated periodically as new evidence becomes available, and as WHO guideline development groups bring forward proposals for new or revised recommendations,” he said.

The available online recommendations is an assembly of existing WHO recommendations for malaria with four WHO guideline development groups focused on developing new or updated recommendations.

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