US: Outgoing First Lady, Melania Trump, Gives Farewell Message

Outgoing First lady of the U.S has on Monday given Americans a farewell message, appreciating Americans who worked for the good of the administration and expressing gratitude for the privilege to serve as the first lady.

She stated that throughout her stay in office, she had been inspired by some incredible citizens who have shown love, patriotism and determination, thanking all service members and military personnel.

“to every service member and incredible military families you are heroes and you always be in my heart and prayers.” She said.

On the part of the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the personnel she expressed gratitude to are the Law enforcement, doctors, nurses, health care professionals, caregivers, manufacturing working, truck drivers, teachers and more.

Speaking on U.S Capitol violence, she said:

“Be passionate in everything you do but always remember that violence is never the answer I will never be justified.”

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Festus Ezeifedi Chukwuemeka

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