US Mission To Nigeria Warns US Citizens Over Insecurity In Nigeria

Following the high cases of insecurity in Nigeria, The U.S. Mission to Nigeria, had warned U.S. citizens to be vigilant while travelling and residing in Nigeria.  According to the Mission, crime is ravaging throughout the streets of Nigeria, ranging from petty street crime to carjacking, and crime levels tend to increase during the holidays.  The Mission advised US citizens to be cautious during the holiday season and at holiday events.

They stressed that protests in Nigeria are rampant and generally affect traffic flow, especially if they progress along with major cities and that criminal and other elements often disrupt large gatherings.  

According to the Mission, terrorist organizations and individuals with extremist ideology exist throughout Nigeria.  Shopping centres, airports, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, transportation hubs, street markets, and other public venues frequented by Westerners are common attack targets.

The US Mission, however, gave safety tips to US citizens if at all they would be in Nigeria for holidays ranging from being aware of their surroundings, keeping a low profile, carrying proper identification, staying alert in public places and locations frequented by tourists/Westerners and a lot more.

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