US Election: Donald Trump Impeached, Twice In One Tenure

Following the United States Capitol violence, and the fight for power, President Donald Trump had been impeached for the second time in a single tenure.

According to reports, he was impeached alongside 10 Republicans at the House of Representatives earlier this morning.

He had been tagged the first president of the United States that was impeached twice in one tenure, and this would be added to history classes for students.

Escobar, who is a member of the House of Representatives had argued that President Donald Trump should be banned from holding any political office again due to different charges against him; ranging from inciting of violence, especially at the Capitol, to spreading fake news.

All this happened after Trump refused to accept defeat against Joe Biden, following the presidential election that took place in 2020. Trump has been reportedly impeached in about a week to the end of his tenure, making it the second time in a single tenure.

Although, impeachment is a political move not a religious call and history definitely will remember what lead to this and judge if impeachment is justified.

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Esther Ifeoluwa

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