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U.S Coast Guard Begin Search for 16 People Off the Coast of Florida

The U.S Coast Guard have reportedly began a full search for 16 individuals who have gone missing off the coast of Florida from two respective boats.

The first search involves a Jamaican survivor who was rescued by a good Samaritan whose identity wasn’t disclosed by the report from the United States Coast Guard.

The Samaritan had called the Coast Guard Sector Miami who responded and dispatched a response boat to the scene of the rescue.

The survivor was later transferred to local emergency medical services but had reported that six other people were onboard the boat when it had capsized on Wednesday on their way from Bimini, Bahamas.

The second search involves 10 other people on a 6-foot make-shift vessel reportedly gone missing while traveling from Havana, Cuba to Florida on Sunday.

The U.S Coast Guard have not been able to establish a reason for the disappearance of the individuals.

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