Trump Arrives at Walter Reed Medical Center

President trump coming out from Marine One.

Walter Reed medical center has been a presidential hospital for decades and even President Reagan had his surgery there in the 1980s. Sequentially most presidents have received minor treatment there from time to time.

To have a president of the united states touch down there, not just for a few hours but as the White House stated he will be there for a couple of days under the care of the best professionals.

This is one of the odd and challenging developments in a year that has been astonishingly difficult and devastating. The president will be working, sleeping, and receiving treatment there for the next few days, and for those who are not aware inside Walter reed, there is an entire secured complex setup for moments like this.

The gravity of the moment is shocking as the whole nation remains in trauma. Although, the market has been stable and vigilante it only takes one bad news for the stocks to plummet. 

It’s sobering that this deadly virus has reached the commander-in-chief, who is now seeking treatment because of it. The whole world is watching as this comes 30 days to a national election. This year has it all planned for us.

In a twit video a few seconds before he left the white house the president reaffirmed to the country that he is doing well.

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