The Last Presidential Debate 2020 (Trump Vs Biden)

Trump Vs Biden
The Last Appeal
President Trump and Biden Battled over outstanding issues on the podium.

The all anticipated last presidential debate 2020 was held at Belmont University on Thursday in Nashville. It commenced with a clash between President Trump and former Vice President Biden over Coronavirus catastrophe, the economy and Biden Family Business dealings while he was the Vice President.

The debate was more cordial and substantial compare to the previous one. Although, the presidential debate commission instated a few changes like Mic muting during every two-minutes opening statement which allowed each candidate to discuss the matter without been interrupted.

Different topics were discussed broadly like Foreign interference in US elections, Children separated from their parents at the border, Health care, Living under the coronavirus pandemic, Relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, How New York state responded to the pandemic and Whether to shut down the US economy again due to Covid-19. The moderator Kristen Welker intermittently asked a follow-up question to each candidate.

The final question stark differentiation between the two candidates. Both were asked what they would say to the American people, including those who didn’t vote for them, at their inauguration. 
President Trump said success will unify the country and raised an alarm that voting for Biden will cause doom to America. “We are on the road to success. But I’m cutting taxes and he wants to raise everybody’s taxes, and he wants to put new regulations on everything. He will kill it,” Trump said.   

Conversely, Biden responded to the question as asked, speaking directly to Americans about how he will be a president for all.  

Inconclusion, both candidates answered few questions and ducked some but the most notable fact was when Trump accused Biden of corruption and urged Americans that voting for him will make the nation the most corrupt in the world. However, it’s arduous to tell if this last-minute appearance will change perception.

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