The iron law of oligarchy – United States

The iron law of oligarchy emphasized that those committed to democratic ideals and practices will inevitably succumb to rule by an elite few (an oligarchy). The iron law of oligarchy contends that organizational democracy is an oxymoron. Although elite control makes internal democracy unsustainable, it is also said to shape the long-term development of all organizations—including the rhetorically most radical—in a conservative direction.

Machiavellians”, “theorists of minority domination” or again “sociological pessimists” explains that although we live in a democracy, it is still the few who rule. 

Look around and see the fulfilment of the aforementioned theories. Even the United States, a country of freedom, dreams and hope has succumbed to mob rule and elite control. I thought civilization is equal to civility, law and order and equity.

Just look around again, Media and few elite are controlling our present, future and affairs like ventriloquists. If united states can not hold free and fair elections then what would communist, tyrant and corrupt countries across the globe do?.

Who shall we run to now that the mighty have fallen? Who shall we look up to? You said the court which is also controlled by the same cabal – they will dismiss your case with “Lashes, Moot or Lack of Standing“. Now our leaders will be presumptuous to replicate what happened in the states.

Our forefathers fought for this freedom so we can be free. Its seems like that freedom has expired, its time to renew and restore that beckon of hope and justice.

This issue affects everyone across continents. Just be ready, your country will be next as the secret of successful elections has been revealed.


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John Uzuegbu

Creative writing is not just my hobby but part of my existence. I am a born writer and when I drop a stroke, it causes an earthquake.

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