The Illusion of Reasonable:

I am not a foreigner when it comes to climate change and the green new deal but often times the hype is superfluously packaged with stunning speeches presented by our dearest celebrities and implemented by the media.

We have political leaders who are the masters of illusions and some of them are making drastic changes that are affecting everyone in their domain. Transforming society to 100% Solar or wind energy is that realistic at this time? what even happened to “Vission 2020” Aha, you remember now! The same lies were advertised a few decades ago and here we are.

We are living in a fortuitous society were the media are constantly colluding with the politicians, sliding unscrupulous policies across our faces on a daily basis. Politicians are emboldened to deceive, lie, and swindle their citizens without any repercussions. 

Just this year alone, Covid-19 wiped out more than a million people, wrecked businesses, and renders billions penniless still, most politicians can’t put their act in order. Finger-pointing is the new norm while their citizens dissolve and dwarf in selective abject poverty.

Please abandon this plethora of policies and idiosyncratic attitude. If these shameless politicians continue to move in this momentum and direction, we won’t have our countries again. Radical ideas are cultivated, polished, and distributed subjecting our countries to unrealistic plans and once in awhile they reset and start all over again just like vision 2020.

It’s a challenge to make sure that the next century won’t be like the last century and in order to achieve that everyone must strive in “Participatory Governance” and hold leaders accountable.


About the author

John Uzuegbu

Creative writing is not just my hobby but part of my existence. I am a born writer and when I drop a stroke, it causes an earthquake.

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