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The Heap of Corruption in Nigeria

A country with the world most corrupt politicians.

Ever since the youth discovered the stolen covid-19 palliative and looted some to quench hunger and starvation, our political leaders have used every means to belittle, squash and vilify them.

The truth is that those so-called leaders are the only obstacle we have and they are the roadblocks to Nigeria development. It’s a pity that we can not boost of 24 hours of electricity but we transmit power to the Republic of Benin, Togo and Niger. What a shame.

Nigeria is the 15th oil-producing countries with 1,938,542,727 barrels per day but still, we can not brag of any meaningful development since oil was discovered in Bayelsa State, in 1956. What exactly have we achieved?.

Our politicians have been busy looting public funds and developing other first world countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, UAE etc while Nigerians are starving with extended poverty on daily basis. 

Just take a look at UAE (Dubai) A desert land turned into the envy of the world and all our politicians owe houses and condominiums there. What an embarrassment.

About the author

John Uzuegbu

Creative writing is not just my hobby but part of my existence. I am a born writer and when I drop a stroke, it causes an earthquake.

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