The defeat of Democracy

Democracy is gone.
They extinguished democracy and blow up the system just to silence him.

If this is the standard for elections moving forward then the world will witness the breakdown of Democracy right in their face. It’s an embarrassment that it took 5 whole days for some unscrupulous democrats run cities to tabulate the election results in a democratic country.

The population of California is 39.51 million and 21.48 million for Florida and they were able to count and announce election results the same day. However, the population of Pennsylvania is 12.8 million, Arizona 7.279 million, 3.08 million Nevada but it took them 5 days to count and announce the winner, exposing the result to fraud.

I understand the urge to push President Trump out of the office but breaking the system, running over democracy, slaughtering what makes American great is that the answer??. You may call it a win, celebrate and laugh but tomorrow it may be Republicans turn to delay the election and funnel thousands of illegal ballots the same way you did. Would that be fair?

This election wasn’t free and definitely not fair, rather mob takeover. The establishment, mainstream media and tech giants made sure their candidate got elected at all cost. Is that an example of Democracy? Since this man came into power, the forces that be has been upset and has employed all measures to humiliate, decontaminate and wreck his administration, still he remains unstoppable until now.

Here we are, the world oldest democracy in a mess. These people do not care about Americans, they are hungry for power, they will slaughter anyone and anything in their path just to grip power. If you believe your vote count then you must on smoking cracks. If Third world countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Indonesia can count ballots and announce a president-elect the same day what swiftly changed in the US? Please don’t tell me its Covid-19…because thousand were allowed to protest and those who voted in person haven’t died either.

If this is permitted, if this crime and horror are supported then the end is far from sight. The world is in tears today and Americans should be mourning. China and Iran won the election, not American. Yours to plough and theirs to plunder.

About the author

John Uzuegbu

Creative writing is not just my hobby but part of my existence. I am a born writer and when I drop a stroke, it causes an earthquake.

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