The Collapse of Democracy

The fall of Democracy.

To be clear what is happening in the US is a caricature of democracy, where one political party (Democrat) in order to win an election is eager to blow up the whole system.

We need a drivers license to drive a car, an ID to open a bank account, and seat for an examination, how then is it a racist act to mandate a voter’s card in an election?. Common sense…

Distributing millions of unsolicited and unrequested ballots in an effort to cause chaos or rig an election is not a democracy. I totally understand we are in the midst of a pandemic (covid-19) and social distancing is the new norm but people are allowed to protest, riot and loot but still millions of ballots were sent out without a second thought and in most states, signatures are not to be verified and in some ballots are still accepted even three days after the election. Is this an election or a movie?

If this is not an effort to rig a democratic election or sow turmoil amongst citizen then what is it?. Election results are to be counted the same day even in third world countries not to mention a first world country. Just because you despise the man in that office doesn’t justify blowing up the system.

I am saddened that this single act will flatten across the world and tyrant leaders will cite the US as an example of what not to be. The world is watching the downfall of democracy simply because the tech giants, Mainstream media, pollsters and lobbyists want to detect an outcome of an election. I cry for the US as a country and I cry for Americans.

About the author

John Uzuegbu

Creative writing is not just my hobby but part of my existence. I am a born writer and when I drop a stroke, it causes an earthquake.

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