Talibans: Girls Excluded From Returning To Secondary School In Afghanistan

Following the present ruling of Afghanistan by the Talibans, it has been reported that girls have been excluded from returning to secondary school after the country’s new Taliban rulers ordered only boys and male teachers back to the classroom.

According to reports, the Islamist group overpowered the US-backed government last month, promising a softer brand of rule than their repressive reign in the 1990s, when women were mostly banned from education and work.

According to a statement issued on Friday in the country, “All male teachers and students should attend their educational institutions.”

Findings revealed that secondary schools, with students typically between the ages of 13 and 18, are often segregated by sex in Afghanistan. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they have faced repeated closures and have been shut since the Taliban seized power.

The Talibans had also reopened the primary schools, with boys and girls mostly attending separate classes and some women teachers returning to work.

It was also disclosed that the new regime has also permitted women to go to private universities, though with tough restrictions on their clothes and movement.

However, to show that the Taliban’s approach to women and girls had not softened, they appeared to have shut down the government’s ministry of women’s affairs and replaced it with a department notorious for enforcing strict religious doctrine during their first rule.

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