Taliban: UN To Aid Afghanistan With $5bn In 2022

The United Nations has reportedly stated that it needed $5 billion in aid for Afghanistan in 2022 to avert a humanitarian catastrophe and offer the ravaged country a future after 40 years of suffering.

 This was reportedly disclosed by the UN aid chief Martin’s Griffiths on Tuesday, adding that 22 million people inside Afghanistan and a further 5.7 million displaced Afghans in five neighboring countries needed vital relief this year.

According to him, “A full-blown humanitarian catastrophe looms. My message is urgent: don’t shut the door on the people of Afghanistan.”

He noted, “Help us scale up and stave off widespread hunger, disease, malnutrition and ultimately death.”

Griffiths commented further that, without the aid, “there won’t be a future in Afghanistan,” adding that, “distress, deaths, hunger and further mass displacement would follow, robbing the people of Afghanistan of the hope that their country will be their home and support, now and in the near term”.

He added, ” if international donors come forward, we will see the opportunity for an Afghanistan which may finally see the fruits of some kind of security.”

 Meanwhile, the UN refugee’s chief,  Filippo Grandi  added that, without the aid, “That movement of people will be difficult to manage, in the region and beyond because it will not stop at the region.”

He made it known, “If those efforts are not successful, we will have to ask for $10 billion next year, not $5 billion.”

This is coming after the Talibans overthrew the government in 2021 following the withdrawal of the US Army, which has equally thrown the country into poverty, unemployment, and inflation.

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