Supporters of Cameroon Asylum-Seekers accuse the United States of forced deportation.

Cameroun, Human rights, and Asylum-Seekers.

BBC Africa has reported this evening that many people are fleeing Cameroon due to the violence in the English speaking part of the country.

They have tried to seek safety in the United States, but activists said they are being denied safety and claim that, instead, they are being deported “illegally” back to Cameroon.

According to reports, they were deported because of the mere fact that they were blacks without even checking where they came from.

Other reports had it that their travel documents were falsified documents because the Government has not issued any visa yet, due to Covid-19.

According to one of the detainees, they had to travel through the most dangerous forest which is Panama’s forest to the United States for protection because the United States is known for fighting for human rights.


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