Subsidy Removal: N5000 Grant Will Only Promote Corruption – PFN

Following the Federal Government’s plan to give a transport grant of N5000 each to between 30 and 40 million poor Nigerians for a duration of 12 months, as a replacement for the proposed removal of fuel subsidy, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, has told the Federal Government that the proposed N5,000 grant to poor Nigerians will promote corruption in the country.

This was reportedly disclosed by the President of PFN, Bishop Wale Oke, stating that most of the so-called poor Nigerians do not have phones or bank accounts and may not benefit from the grant.

According to the cleric, removing fuel subsidy will worsen the suffering of the majority of Nigerians who are already impoverished.

He noted that, “Without begging the issue, there should be well defined palliative measures in place that can cushion the effect of the hardship being experienced by Nigerians, especially the commoners. One is not talking about political palliatives that never last. We have seen enough of such.”

He noted that, “An increase in the price of petroleum from its present N165 to N340 per litre, can trigger tension and crises in the country which in turn can paralyse our economy if not handled with utmost care.”

He made it known that, “Again, the planned introduction of N5,000 for 40 million poor Nigerians is to create a cesspool of corruption. How do you define the poor? They, mostly, don’t use telephones. They, mostly, don’t have bank accounts. How will the money get to them?”



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