Stop The Killings If You Want Kanu’s Release – IPOB


The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB has warned those perpetrating the killings, kidnappings, and criminalities in the South-East region to stop if they want the Biafra freedom to be realised.

This was reportedly disclosed in a statement on Saturday, by the IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful.

The statement read that, “Anybody who wants our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, out of the DSS dungeon and the realisation of Biafra freedom must stop being involved in criminalities going on in the South-East.”

 According to him, “Biafrans should take cognizance of the timing of these heinous and barbaric acts of violence and murder. Our people and the world community should note that most of these heinous killings happen a few days before our leader’s court dates.”

He noted that, “For instance, the army couple, the house of assembly member, the pregnant Hausa woman. These killing could not reasonably have been done or perpetrated by IPOB.”

 He made it known that, “Our people and those who claimed to be IPOB members need to understand that enemies will capitalise on the killings and insecurity in the South East to blackmail IPOB and our peaceful agitation. These atrocities are being committed by people who want to ensure that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu doesn’t come out of DSS custody.”

He added that, “Again, these killings are also calculated to intimidate and blackmail the judiciary who might be open in granting him justice because our leader MNK has no case to answer.”

He maintained that, “The North enjoy such luxuries and criminalities going-on here but certainly not Igbos. Can you imagine how difficult it is to get our people in custody released or secure their bail?

He posited that, “Each time some of these killings occur in the East, our people are killed in the North, some are stopped on the road, marched out of their vehicles and killed. These things are usually not reported by media houses in Nigeria.”

Powerful disclosed that, “Remember that between 1967-1970, about five million Biafrans were killed for no just cause. Nobody including the international community did anything about it. Let us not play into the hands of our enemies because they are again gradually but systematically killing us while setting IPOB up to take the fall.”

He remarked that, “They are now engaging in state sponsored killings in order to give IPOB a bad name. This is why immediately after these killings and atrocities occur, there won’t be any kind of investigation but the news headlines would attribute it to IPOB/ESN. You can confirm how accusing fingers were pointed at IPOB as those behind the kidnap of the Methodist bishop without proper investigations because they hate IPOB/ESN operatives.”

He emphasized that, “IPOB does not have as much money or resources as the Nigerian government to embark on the kind of propaganda the government is embarking on against IPOB.”


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