Southern Sudan Celebrates 10 Years Independence Amidst Hunger And War

It has been reported that South Sudan, has celebrated her ten years of Independence amidst hunger and civil war.

According to reports, the country is the world’s youngest state, after it proclaimed its independence from Sudan in July 2011 following a referendum that saw nearly 99 percent vote in favour of secession.

Further findings revealed that, The vote followed two civil wars that pitted rebels in the mainly Christian and animist south of Sudan against the Arab-dominated government in Khartoum. Millions of people died.

After the war, Salva Kiir was sworn in as the country’s first president with Riek Machar as his deputy. Another war spiked due to ethnicity issue amidst the President and  vice-president, which led to the firing of Machar as the vice president.

Kiir and Machar were on the same side in the push for independence from Khartoum but ethnic and political rivalries drove them apart.

Reports had it that more than 380,000 people have died in the latest war, half due to illness and lack of access to healthcare, and about four million have been forced from their homes.

Also the country has been suffering from poverty and locust, as four out of five of South Sudan’s 11 million people live in “absolute poverty”, according to the World Bank in 2018.

Reports also revealed that, more than 60 percent of the population face severe hunger from the combined effects of war, drought and floods, and  swarms of desert locusts have repeatedly plagued the country.

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