Senate Raises Alarm Over Terrorist Enclaves In Kwara And Niger

Following cases of insecurity across the country, the Senate has disclosed that terrorist hideouts have been identified within three local government areas of Kwara and Niger States.

 This was raised by Senator Sadiq Umar, noting that kidnapping and other forms of criminality  are now common in communities close to Kainji Lake National Park and this has led to palpable fear in the communities.

According to him, “Many are leaving their villages and farms to seek refuge in the towns that will soon be threatened as well if nothing is done about this insecurity situation. In fact, some communities have started paying the criminals some sort of tax to be allowed to stay safe.”

The Senator reportedly suggested that the military should carry out a comprehensive manhunt on bandits and criminal elements within the Kainji Lake National Park and the identified communities.


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Esther Ifeoluwa

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