Secession: Nigeria Might Not Unite Again If It Breaks Up – Ezeife

Following calls for secession in the country, a former governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has revealed that if Nigerians break up because of their attitude, it would be difficult for the country to come back together again.

 Disclosing this in an interview on Saturday, he reportedly stated, “If we foolishly break up this one Nigeria, it would not take long for people to beg for us to come back again, and it may be difficult.”

He maintained, “Everybody in Nigeria should want the existence of this country. Do I want ‘One Nigeria’? Of course, yes. The problem is that some people do not accept ‘One Nigeria’.”

He noted, “They claim they are born to rule. How can anybody talk about an extra four year term for the North, when since 1966, the North has dominated the leadership of Nigeria?

He posited, “The North has taken more than 90 percent of what is available in Nigeria. Therefore, I don’t expect anybody who is reasonable to go and begin to analyse the number of years each president has spent.”

He added, “If the number of years to rule is 100 percent, the North has ruled for 75 percent of the time. Everybody should be recognised as a human being and responsible to take care of the welfare of his own family. We should all have equality and the rights of the human person.”

Commenting on the domination of the northerners in public offices, Ezeife disclosed that, “They did not just dominate it fairly; they created state, local government, constituencies all dominated by the North. Since then, the North has doubled the number of the local government of the South.”

He probed, “Why should the North want to be in power when being in power makes Nigeria poorer? There was a time the World Bank said a part of Nigeria was growing faster than the rest of the world.”

He remarked “Today, what we hear is that Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world. Who has been in charge to make Nigeria the poverty capital of the world if not the North? Obasanjo did his best. Jonathan was doing very well before they concocted Boko Haram to pull him down.”

He however opined, “I think if the North decides that equality is too much for them to bear, then let us renegotiate and go our separate ways. That time, everybody will beg to come together again, and it will be too late.”


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