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SANs Oppose Creation Of New States

Following agitations that more states should be created to the existing ones in Nigeria, it has been reported that, three Senior Advocates of Nigeria have stated that Nigeria does not need more states, adding that the country currently has too many states.

This was disclosed by Norrison Quakers (SAN), Ifedayo Adedipe (SAN) and Remi Olatubora (SAN) said this in separate interviews.

Quakers reportedly stated that, “I believe the thought of creating additional states is ill-advised, politically motivated, laced with self-serving and selfish agenda, and as such must be thought through carefully.”

He  added, “The discussion or initiative of creation of more states should be jettisoned for the strengthening of LGs if the legislators are thinking of taking development to the grassroots.

He made I known that, “This is the time for our legislators to embrace the unity of the country to be creating a virile, viable and strong local government system rather than give in to the clamour for state creation. This will further divide us and fuel the mutual suspicion and distraught currently in place.”

Meanwhile, Adedipe opined that, “It is thoughtless and foolish to think of creating additional states in Nigeria. The present 36 states are way too many, in my view.”

Olatubora on his part probed that,  “If I may ask, how many of the existing states are viable at the moment that the Senate will be considering the creation of additional ones?”

He stated that,  “My opinion is that before we talk about the creation of additional states at all, we must first and foremost tackle the problems of viability and corruption.”

He added that, “Otherwise, we may unconsciously be creating additional business centres for corruption.”


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