Rotational Presidency Is Unconstitutional, Let People Make Their Choice – Yahaya Bello

It has been reported that Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello has disclosed that the clamour for rotational Presidency is unconstitutional, adding that Nigerians should be allowed to make their choices for the best candidate to emerge for the top post.

He reportedly made this known at the maiden edition of the Governor Yaya Bello seminar for political and crime correspondents in Abuja on Friday.

According to him, “When we are talking about democracy today, democracy is all about free choices. Give the majority the free will to choose whoever they want. Let political parties not limit Nigerians to who they want to elect into offices.”

He made it known that “When you look at it, I think it is unconstitutional. It is not in our APC party Constitution and it is not there in the 1999 Constitution. Today, if you are sick and need to be operated upon, you will want the best doctor to operate on you. It’s not where the doctor comes from or the religion he practices that matters.”

He added that “Put that aside, if we should continue on the sentiments of this rotation of the presidency, from that region to this region, then let us do it perfectly in the interest of equity, fairness and justice. If that is the angle you want to come from, let us put it on the table and look at it and we should not just take it from 1999, let us go back to 1960 from independence when Nigerians started ruling themselves.”

He disclosed that, “You will discover that other geo-political zones as they exist today, have at one time or the other occupied the position of the presidency — either as president or vice-president. If we should go by that, then the North Central has been largely short-changed. Then let us focus on North Central.”

He stressed that, “But if you take it from 1999, then you are talking of the North Central and the Southeast. I continue to emphasise that the best candidate should be allowed to emerge. The candidate should be someone, who will unify this country, solve the problems we are facing today, build on the legacies that Mr President will leave behind.”

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