Rise In Conflict Can Divide Nigeria – UK Warns

It has been reported that the United Kingdom has warned Nigeria against the rise in conflicts could destabilise Nigeria.

According to reports, the British government also blamed the crisis on injustice and impunity as well as weak judicial institutions, insisting that the conflict posed an existential threat to Nigeria’s unity and development.

According to the Development Director, UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Mr Chris Beecroft, “The rise in conflict risks destabilising Nigeria’s democracy in the run-up to the 2023 elections. There is an active insurgency in the North-East; farmer-herder conflicts are extending across the country; resource conflicts in the Delta; tension in the South-East; and banditry in the North-West.”

He added that, “Conflict destroys lives, destroys livelihoods, destroys hope and ambition for the future. Conflict represents an existential threat to Nigeria’s unity and its development.”

Beecroft further said that, “the use of the police and army would only be part of the solution. Reconciliation, mediation, arbitration, and access to justice are a vital components of a vibrant, resilient, and effective social contract.”

 He added that,  “the weaponisation of social media has been a drivers of conflict and instability.”

According to further reports, he said youths should be given a job, “so they have a stake in a prosperous and peaceful Nigeria,” adding, however, that with the right commitment, dedications and support, “there are solutions.”


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