Republicans Geared up to fill the Supreme Court seat

Donald Trump is racing to cement a conservative dominance on the US supreme court before the upcoming presidential election on 3rd November and democrats are thundering to stunt his effort. The President stated on Monday that he would name his third supreme court nominee on Friday or Saturday, following memorials for Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday.

During a Fox News interview, President Trump stipulated that “I think it will be on Friday or Saturday and we want to pay respect”. He further explains that it should be germane to make the announcement after the memorial service.

Ginsburg coffin will rest on the Lincoln Catafalque, a platform built after the killing of the 16th president in 1865 and lent to the court by Congress. She will lie in state at the court on Wednesday and Thursday and the funeral will follow next week at Arlington National Cemetery.

The Senate majority leader McConnell ally of the president is encouraging republicans ahead of the upcoming battle. He is of the opinion that since the senate and the white house are held by the same party in an election year, it’s their constitutional duty to proceed with the confirmation.

Successful confirmation of any nominee will shift the court 6-3 in favour of conservatives. Interestingly, Republicans believe they are nominating pure constitutionists to correct the erroneous acts committed by liberal jurists who are making emotional judgments rather than constitutional interpretation.

Trump has pledged to nominate a woman. Amy Coney Barrett of Indiana and Barbara Lagoa of Florida seems to be the favorite and democrats are hoping to keep the seat vacant till after the election.

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