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Rema Pleads With Fans To Stop Comparison In The Music Industry

Popular Nigerian artiste fondly called Rema has taken to his Twitter page to plead with his fans to stop comparing him with his bosses, or anyone in the music industry.

He stated that, “Ravers, I’ll love to address something real quick yeah, pls guys NEVER start an agenda that has to do with bringing my Brothers or the OG’s down, you’re allowed to have my back in any ploy curated to put dirt on my name & my hard-work but NEVER start an agenda, it’s disrespectful.”

He made it known that, “I just want to play my part in history, stack up & take care of my family bro, I don’t want any of this unnecessary social media drama. We’re winning and that’s enough for us okay? If some people are insecure about it let them choke on it, who God has blessed no man can curse.”

He added that, “Lastly, thank you OG’s for inspiring me in different ways, thank you for what you’ve done & what you’re doing for Afrobeat, my respect & love for you all remains UNSHAKEN. All has been said, Management takeover.”


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