Profer Solutions, Rather Than Trading Blames Over Nigeria’s Challenges – Tinubu


One of the All Progressives Congress, APC presidential aspirants, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has reportedly told politicians and leaders across the country to stop trading blame over the nation’s challenges and rather build the nation.

Disclosing this on Thursday while delivering the 25th convocation lecture of Lagos State University, Ojo, Tinubu stated, “Nigeria’s GDP per capita ranked as 17th in Africa and 131st in the world. According to the World Bank, we are the 7th most populous nation as of 2020. But, our economic ranking was not commensurate. One does not have to be a genius in mathematics to know the difference between 7 and 131.”

He noted, “Our lack of sustained dynamic economic growth does not lend itself to social stability. Economic slowness and destitution place great pressure on people to migrate in search of opportunities. But too much migration too fast and too unimagined results in people competing and contending against one another on dwindling arable land, which undermines social harmony.”

He maintained, “We need a new, more convivial way. A way that will give us the right start at a fair chance for durable prosperity. A large urban population needs a strong manufacturing and industrial base. If not, we invite unemployment, crime, hunger, and poverty to become chronic and severe.”

Tinubu remarked, “The country remained an economy unjustly designed to export raw materials and import increasingly expensive finished products.”

He posited, “The political class must truthfully acknowledge the lapses and must be bold to make corrections, rather than vilifying one another for the present challenges bedevilling the country.”

He added, “We must better link formal education with the skills and expertise our business community seeks in modern times.”



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