Possession Means Nothing – Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has played down the importance of possession and stats after Liverpool defeated Tottenham.

Tottenham had just 24 percent of the ball and 19 passes in the final third compared to Liverpool’s 200 but Mourinho was adamant that the better team lost.

“I like everything in football,” Mourinho said ahead of Sunday’s Premier League game at home to Leicester City. “I like organised attack, I like football with more transitions, I like to defend with a high block or with a low block.

“The media love the word possession and stats. Sometimes you say, ‘the stats say player B had 92% efficiency in his passing.” 

But they don’t say that player only made passes of two metres. And they don’t say that player was a centre back who only passed to the other centre back.

“The stats many many times are like an incredible piece of meat or fish but badly cooked. It doesn’t tell me much. What it tells me is the number of goals you score and the chances you create. You can have less of the ball but score more goals.”

Tottenham are three points behind Liverpool in second  place.

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