Our Enemies Are Corrupt Leaders, Poverty, Not Twitter – Akinlabi

There have been outcry from Nigerians following the ban on the use of Twitter in Nigeria, and a lead Pastor of  a Lagos-based church, Elevation Church, Godman Akinlabi, has disclosed that he enemy of Nigeria is not microblogging site Twitter but hunger, poverty, corrupt people, kidnappers, bandits, amongst others.

Disclosing this in a statement, he said that, “As an institution that has steadfastly promoted the need for positive self-leadership based on service to God and community, we appeal to the Federal Government to duly consider its decision and seize this opportunity to reconnect with Nigerian youths, in particular, to demonstrate thoughtful caring leadership, and to revive confidence in a government that truly listens to the yearnings of the Nigerians.”

He added that, “The spate of violence and kidnappings across the nation, and the fragile state of our economy continues to be a major concern for all. Our real enemies are hunger, poverty, corruption and iniquitous men and women who profit from the misery of others and whose personal interests frustrate our collective aspirations.”

He also made it known that, “Our most potent arsenals should be deployed against these adversaries. God bless Nigeria.”

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