Ondo State Election and Irresponsible Nigerians

If Nigerians don't condemn and vote out untrustworthy politicians who will do it for us? #ondoelection

Are we ever going to change and become part of civilized societies? Even while millions of youths are still protesting and demanding change, others are busy in Ondo state collecting N3,000 to N5,000 and voting against their moral values.

It’s disgusting that Nigerians more especially the youths are still colluding with politicians to rig a democratic election when they should be calling for change. Past governors have come and gone in Ondo and other states without accomplishing a minimal mandate simply because they recognize Nigerians are fools.

When we are selling our votes for N3,000 and others are busy creating havoc and seizing ballots boxes, how then do we expect them to be responsible public servants.

PDP observers arrested in Akure.
Nigerians voting under the rain.

Thousands are voting under the rain, others in uncompleted buildings while politicians are arriving in first-class cars with guards. If Nigerians don’t ask for development and force it then how can we succeed when youths are abrogated from contesting for any election.

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John Uzuegbu

Creative writing is not just my hobby but part of my existence. I am a born writer and when I drop a stroke, it causes an earthquake.

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