Ondo Governor Orders Herdsmen To Vacate The State Forest Reserve

Following reports of insurgency and banditry in the country, Ondo state Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu had revealed that kidnap victims have said that, those perpetrating the evil disguised as herdsmen. He made it known that forest reserves have been turned to hideouts of kidnapping, negotiating for ransom, and carrying out other criminal activities.

Akeredolu had ordered all herdsmen in Forest Reserves in the state to vacate within the next 7 days with effect from Monday, January 18th, and he also banned night-grazing with immediate effect.

The Governor had said that “As the Chief Law and Security Officer of the State, it is my constitutional obligation to do everything lawful to protect the lives and property of all residents of the State. This meeting, therefore, is convened to address the issues of insecurity with the ultimate aim of attaining the goal of a safe environment”.

 Stressing this further, he said “Recent security trends attest that these times require all hands to be on the deck as the difficulties we face are dire. The challenges are quite enormous but we are determined to confront them head-on”.

He also said that “We decided that all the criminal elements who hide under various guises to aid the destruction of farmlands as well as perpetrate other violent crimes such as kidnapping, drug peddling and other nefarious activities, must be stamped out of our dear State”.

“I wish to reassure the residents that the State Security Council, under my leadership, shall not relent in tackling these challenges as pragmatically possible. We shall remove all threats in no distant future”.

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