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Ogun State Government Warns Against Deforestation

Commissioner for Forestry, Ogun State, Tunji Akinosi has warned timber contractors in a meeting in Abeokuta against felling of trees in the state without replacement.

Tunji disclosed that recultivating trees in the state’s forest reserves was relevant for the history of the people of the state and those to come.

“Aggressive replanting of trees is key as replacement for the major resources taken out of forest reserves, or else history will not be kind on us as people when generations after us talk about our actions during our time”, the commissioner said.

He stated that for every tree fell in the forest, five more should be planted to replace it and this would assist climate change but timber contractors were not following in the state’s efforts for forest regeneration.

He expressed concern over contractors involved in flitch production and illegal logging and farming in the state’s reserves which if not monitored would lead to complete forest depletion.

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Festus Ezeifedi Chukwuemeka

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