North Will Continue To Rule Regardless Of Who’s President – Akintoye

It has been reported that the Yoruba Nation leader Prof Banji Akintoye, has stated that the North will continue to rule and dominate Nigeria regardless of whoever is in power as President.

He reportedly disclosed this from Benin Republic, in a Live Interview on Tuesday.

According to reports, Akintoye made this known days after the Northern Elders Forum said the north would not play second fiddle in a nation where it clearly enjoys numerical strength to win presidential elections.

Earlier reports had it that, the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, Director of Publicity and Advocacy, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, at an event in Zaria on Saturday, stated that, “We will lead Nigeria the way we have led Nigeria before whether we are President or Vice President, we will lead Nigeria. We have the majority of the votes and democracy says vote whom you want.”

Baba-Ahmed added that, “Why should we accept a second class position when we know we can buy a form and contest for first class and we will win?”

He probed that, “Why does anybody need to threaten us and intimidate us? We will get that power but be humble because power comes from God. We inherited leadership and being honest is not being stupid.”

He made it known that, “The North has pride; we are humble enough to know that we are going to run Nigeria with other people but we are not going to pay a second fiddle to anybody. We may not have the most robust economy, there are people who are trying to strangulate us even more than we are being strangled.”

Reacting to this, 86-year-old Akintoye, a scholar and a Professor of History, disclosed that the north had always wanted to “conquer” the rest of the country.

Akintoye stated that,  “It has reached a time now that Nigeria is no longer a country. Why do I say this? There is no other country in the world where one section, one region says, ‘We are going to conquer the rest, we are going to subdue you, we will make ourselves the controllers of the resources of your land, we will treat you more or less like slaves’.”

He added that, “Whoever rules Nigeria rules in the context of a country that is owned and dominated by the north; by north, I mean the north-west.”

He made it known that, “Under Obasanjo as President, the northern elite converted the north against the constitution of Nigeria into a separate Islamic state. Obasanjo could not do anything about it… That was a dangerous philosophy that was being foisted upon Nigeria and nobody did anything about it.”

He added that, “Yes, Obasanjo is a beloved son of the Yoruba race, we love him but we know that he ruled in a situation when the President of Nigeria was beholding on to powers under the tables that the rest of us could not do anything about. Not to talk of (Vice President Yemi) Osinbajo.”

He continued that, “Osinbajo is one of the most educated men who have taken part in the governance of Nigeria, see the thing he is doing, is he doing them freewill?”

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