Nigerians Should Right Past Wrongs Through Voting In 2023 – Ekwueme


In preparation for the 2023 general elections, Apostle Goodheart Ekwueme, Lead Pastor, Revival House of Glory and son of former Vice President, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, has reportedly made it known that the 2023 general election is another opportunity for the citizens to right their wrongs by voting correctly.

Disclosing this in an interview on Sunday,  during the 5th international conference of the church which was held in Wuye, Abuja, Ekwueme stated, “Well, the transition is a very challenging moment between your yesterday and your tomorrow. You’ve left yesterday, not yet in your future. So it takes a lot of courage, boldness, and focus on the future that God has shown me.”

He noted, “Nigeria has gone through a very difficult history in the past few years and Nigeria is bleeding and we trust a lot that this will be an opportunity for the Lord to show us mercy and bring us into the nation of our dreams.”

He maintained, “We have a dream that in our lifetime, that the green passport will be well coveted and loved by everyone in the world; that what seems to be a pariah nation in the past will be coveted and desired by many. It’s my heart’s desire that I will live to see the Nigeria of our dreams.”

He commented, “As people of God we’re praying (towards the 2023 elections); we will continue to pray. There’s nothing God can’t do to a prayer. Having said that, I believe that darkness is a backdrop for light to shine. So where we are is a great opportunity for us to make anything wrong in history to be right and we trust the Lord in return for our best.”

He also urged Nigerians saying, “I speak to Nigerians. Let’s rise up to take advantage of civic responsibility. Number one, register; number two, vote. Go out there and do the needful and please, please don’t let anybody buy your conscience. Vote your heart, vote your conscience, and don’t be bought easily. It’s your right. You will regret doing that if in the next season, you wrongly bring in somebody who you’re not happy with.”



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