Nigerians Reacted to Buhari’s Worst Independence Speech

In a country dominated by old and greedy politicians, the president put citizens on fire.

Yesterday, President Muhammadu Buhari addressed Nigerians, and while at it, he appreciated Nigerians for trusting him with their hopes and aspirations for a better and greater Nigeria. He claimed that it is his privilege to commit himself to the service of the country with profound diversities and opportunities and that we are bound by destiny to be the largest and greatest black nation on earth. 

He also said it is noteworthy that we reflect on how we got here to enable us to work together as a strong indivisible nation, united in hope with equal opportunity.  He claimed that his summary of our journey so far as a nation is necessary to appropriately outline where we need to go and how to get there together.

We still face security challenges in parts of the country, while our society suffers from a high loss of moral integrity which is driven by an unbridled craving for political control. An underlying cause of most of the problems we have faced as a nation is our consistent harping on artificially contrived fault-lines that we have harbored and allowed unnecessarily to fester. 

In addition, he said that institutions such as civil service, police, the judiciary, the military all suffered from a general decline. We need to begin a sincere process of national healing and this anniversary presents a genuine opportunity to eliminate old and outworn perceptions that are always put to test. 

To start this healing process, he maintained we are already blessed with the most important asset any nation requires for such, our people and this has manifested globally in the exploits of Nigerians in many fields. It has been demonstrated time and time again that Nigerians in the diaspora frequently excel in science, technology, medicine, sports, arts, and many other fields. 

He declared that the price of petroleum in Nigeria is not sustainable and it does not make sense for the price of our petrol to be cheaper than other oil-producing countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and so on. He stated that the price of Petroleum in Nigeria will be adjusted to reflect reality.

We go adjust Petroleum prices for Nigeria. We don dey now at N161 per liter.”  He then listed the price of petrol per liter in other countries:

Chad charges N362 per liter
Niger charges N346 per liter
Ghana charges N326 per liter
Egypt charges N211 per liter
Saudi Arabia charges N168 per liter

President Buhari remarked that the low price dropped our revenue to 60 percent and that the government must be pragmatic and take tough decisions.

This got Nigerians angry and everyone is reacting to the situation…

Nigerians Reacted to Buhari's Worst Independence Speech 17
Nigerians Reacted to Buhari's Worst Independence Speech 18
This is rubbish" Nigerians react as President Buhari says in Independence  Day speech "If some constituencies choose to bargain off their power, they  should be prepared for denial of their rights -
Nigerians Reacted to Buhari's Worst Independence Speech 19

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