Nigerians Must Live Within Their Means To Tackle Corruption – Buhari

During the New year interview granted by President Muhammadu Buhari, he has reportedly disclosed that one way to fight corruption in Nigeria is for citizens to live within their means.

According to him, “The problem of corruption is a continuous one for a developing country like Nigeria. People have to accept living within their means. As long as people don’t want to live within their means, so long will corruption be with us.”

He added, “The best way is funding by departments, ministries and especially by states. Now, look at local governments in this country, the third tier of government, it is getting less and less effective and they are supposed to be the most effective because they deal with bottom-up especially when it comes to education, healthcare, which are the basic things for the majority of Nigerians.”

He made it known, “Nigeria must conserve resources to give education and healthcare to the needy.”



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