Nigeria Will Never Be An Islamic State – Bello Shagari

It has been reported that Bello Shagari, a grandson of late former President Shehu Shagari, has disclosed that Nigeria will never become an Islamic State.

According to reports, the former President of the National Youth Council of Nigeria added that Sharia is being practiced wrongly in Nigeria.

According to him, “First of all, I have never advocated for Sharia in Nigeria. It glaringly clear that Nigeria is not an Islamic State and will never be. However, I have always defended sharia itself due to perceived Islamaphobia which usually condemns sharia instead of its improper usage.”

He added that “No members of any religion should impose their religion upon others, and even Allah has commanded that ‘there is no compulsion in religion. Therefore, imposing Islam upon others is even unislamic.”

He disclosed that, “Sharia is not the only thing done wrongly in Nigeria but every other law. Therefore, when criticizing sharia, we should be mindful not to be condemning it in general, as sharia in itself, is a religious instruction to Muslims, thereby making it offensive and Islamaphobic.”

Bello reportedly reacted to a warning by the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria to the Senate to avoid surreptitious moves by some groups, to introduce Sharia law to the South-West region through the ongoing constitution review.

Disclosing this on Thursday, Bishop Wale Oke, the PFN president reportedly said that the move was capable of adding to the numerous problems facing the country, urging the Senate not to succumb to such agitation.

According to him, “The problems confronting our nation are enormous than wanting to create more. Sharia law is alien to our culture of religious existence in the South-West. As such, nobody should through any subterfuge, bring it in to cause crisis.”

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