Nigeria Police Posts Edited Photos Online, Sparks Reactions

Following a picture posted on social media through the official Twitter page of the Nigerian Police Force, showing the faces of arrested suspects with arms haul, Stephanie Hegarty a population correspondent at BBC had said that that the picture was photoshopped and that it means the Nigerian Police Force was spreading fake news to the citizens of the country.

According to her, there is drastic colour differences, lack of reflection, blur around the weapons and a white background under man’s arm.

In view of this, the police force has said that there was no intention to deceive the members of the public and that the picture was actually a representation of the suspects and the exhibits. Although, the pictures were snapped differently and merged into one screen for a seamless understanding of the storyline.

They confessed that one of the pictures of the suspects Alhajo Hudu Musa had already been taken out for investigation purposes a day after the public parade of the suspects and so his picture was taken separately and merged with the other three suspects in the group picture for presentation purpose and also to make the storyline understandable to readers

NPF further stressed that editing a photo becomes unethical when it is used to represent something that doesn’t exists.

They as well enjoined members of the public to disregard the news about that the pictures were falsified.

Stephanie Hegarty has however said that the story of the police force was contradicting because they admitted it was falsified and at the same time they said it wasn’t falsified.

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