Nigeria Is Living On Extra Time, Will Face Deeper Challenges In 2023 – Sanusi


A former president of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the former Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II has reportedly made it known that Nigeria is actually living on extra time, adding that the country would be facing deeper challenges from 2023.

 Disclosing this in Abeokuta, area of Ogun State, Sanusi reportedly stated, “To be honest, we are living on extra time. In 2015, we were in a deep hole. In 2023, we will be in an even much deeper hole than in 2015.”

He posited, “Those struggling to be President, I hope they understand that the problems that they are going to face are multiple ups of the problems that were faced in 2015. All of us have to be ready for difficult decisions and if they are taken, we are all going to pay for them.”

He added, “But the solution is not for all of us to jump into politics. This country needs good politicians. It needs imams, pastors, and bishops who are going to stand up and remind them (politicians) of the fear of God.”

He also maintained, “It needs technocrats who are going to critique their policies. It needs traditional rulers who are going to speak as the conscience of the people. Everyone has a role to play and we should try to play that role to the best of our ability.”



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