Nigeria Can Become Choice Destination For Medical Tourist – Osinbajo

It has been reported that the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, has affirmed that Nigeria has all it takes to become a choice destination for medical tourists from even developed countries.

Osinbajo reportedly disclosed this in Lagos where he commissioned the Duchess International Hospital, a new facility under the Reddington Hospitals group.

Osinbajo stated, “We have all it takes to become the place of choice for even medical tourists from developed countries looking to jump long queues for specialised procedures at home or simply shopping for more affordable fees for first-class healthcare.”

He reportedly disclosed, “We have by far the largest number of middle- to low-income communities and individuals in sub–Saharan Africa who require affordable, high-quality healthcare.”

Osinbajo added,  “The establishment of such facilities would not only further provide more Nigerians with excellent healthcare solutions, but it would also open more opportunities to the country’s high-quality medical personnel.”

He noted, “With investments like this seeking high-quality medical personnel, we can even reverse the trend of doctors voting with their feet.”

The Vice President also said, “The reasons for voting with their feet are obvious: better remuneration, better facilities. But again, only serious private sector investment in high-quality healthcare services offering top compensation for its personnel could possibly create an attractive proposition to reverse the trend.”

While commissioning the hospital, the Vice President testified, “This hospital has bragging rights. It comes from the Reddington family, a clinical health brand that has earned a strong reputation for high standards in healthcare, top-notch personnel, including many highly reputed Nigerian doctors in diaspora and best of all, it is all Nigerian.”

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