New Year: I Feel Your Pain And Frustration – Diri Tells Bayelsa Residents

In the spirit of the New Year, Bayelsa state Governor, Duoye Diri ha stated that his administration will work hard to improve the socio-economic conditions of the citizens. 

The Governor of Bayelsa State, Douye Diri, says his administration will work hard to improve the socio-economic condition of residents in the state in the new year.

The Governor reportedly made this known in his state-wide 2022 New Year address to the people of the state on Saturday.

According to him, “I acknowledge that although as a state we have made considerable advancement in set goals, I am not oblivious of the reality that many families and individuals struggled through 2021.”

He added that,“I feel your pain and know your frustrations. It is my sincere prayer that 2022 will bring better tidings than the past year for you and all of us. As a government, we will continue to take the necessary actions to address the challenges of unemployment, poverty, hunger, inequality and poor health.”

He noted that, “The vision for a prosperous Bayelsa is evolving and ongoing. I am the first to acknowledge that despite the undeniable progress, there are areas to improve and gains to consolidate upon.”

He maintained that, “This is the time for genuine friends of the state to align with the prosperity vision so that together we can transform challenges to opportunity and prosperity.”


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