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NASA Perseverance Touches Down on Mars.

The NASA Perseverance Mars Rover has landed on planet Mars on 18th February, 2021.

Perseverance had launched in Florida, U.S.A. on 30th July 2020 on a mission to explore Mars.

The spacecraft touched down on the planet after completing an almost 300 million mile journey from Earth making it the ninth vessel to touch down in Mars.

The interplanetal vessel has been tested during its final stages of its journey to Mars through the infamous “seven minutes of terror”.

The seven minutes it takes to land on Mars is not enough time for radio signal waves to travel to and fro from Mars to earth therefore, the vessel had to fly on its own without any assistance from NASA throughout its landing.

Few seconds after landing, the spacecraft took its first picture of Mars.

Its mission is to investigate relevant ancient environment on Mars, to investigate surface geological processes like the Jezero Crater which possessed a lake some 3.9 billion years ago and to investigate signs of possible past life on Mars.

NASA has once again taken a step forward in interplanetary travels.

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