Napoli Officially Rename Stadium After Maradona

Napoli’s Stadium has been renamed after Diego Maradona in memory of their legend who passed on last month.

Maradona led the club to two League titles and one Uefa Cup trophy and he is regarded as the greatest player in the club’s history.

Naples authorities and club president had proposed renaming the stadium after Maradona few hours after his death on November 25 and the degree has been signed by the entire council.

“The decree was signed by the entire city council,” the city government said in a statement.

The statement hailed Maradona as “the greatest footballer of all time who, with his immense talent and magic, honoured the Naples jersey for seven years, offering it two Italian league titles and other prestigious trophies, and receiving, in exchange, the eternal and unconditional love of the entire city”.

Napoli players paid a heartwarming tribute to Maradona when each of them wore a number 10 jersey for a minute’s silence in a Europa League match a day after his death.

Napoli’s first home match at the Diego Maradona Stadium is against Real Sociedad in the Europa League

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