Most NGOs Are Working Against Nigeria – Lai Mohammed

 Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture, has reportedly made it known that Nigerians should be careful about the activities of some NGOs, adding that the groups are with ulterior motives to destabilise Nigeria.

The submission of the minister was reportedly targeted at the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP, which sued the Federal Government when the microblogging site, Twitter, was suspended.

According to the Minister, “There are many NGOs in Nigeria today that is not working for the interests of the people of the nation.”

He added, “Otherwise, why will SERAP for instance take the Nigerian government to court because it suspended the operations of Twitter, an entity that is a platform of choice for people working to destabilise the country.”

Mohammed maintained, “This (Twitter) is an entity that was not registered in Nigeria, did not employ any Nigerian directly, and is not paying tax in spite of the huge amount of money it is making in Nigeria.”

He noted,  “The same SERAP, when we later had an agreement with Twitter, wrote to my office to ask for the details of the agreement and we obliged.”

He stated, “We understand that in every case being filed by some of these NGOs, they receive subventions from their donors and sponsors and this should worry Nigerians.”

He also made it known, “If you notice, one of the fastest-growing businesses today is the NGO and the country is full of all sorts of NGOs which are being funded for ulterior motives.”


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