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Molested Deeper Life School Boy Narrates His Ordeal

Finally, Deeper Life Molested schoolboy Don-Davies Archibong has narrated his ordeal being interviewed by his mother Mrs Deborah Okezie. It ensured as follows:

Mrs Deborah Okezie and Don-Davies

How old are you?

-11 years old.

When was your last birthday?

-September 6.

When you admitted into the school?

-October 8.

What happened when you got to the school?

-When I got to the school because I bedwet, Mr. Akpan uses anything he sees to beat me- belt, iron, stick, stone. Then they transferred me from JSS1 hostel to SSS1 hostel.

Who Authorized this transfer?

-Mrs Ndidi told Mr. Joseph Ikenna to transfer me.

What happened when you got to SSS1 hostel?

-There are two boys named Ola and Shalom. They put their hands inside my anus and bring out poo. Then they use that hand to beat me. When they put their hands it will feel somehow. For two weeks I have not taken my bath.

Who are these Ola and Shalom?

-They are SSS1 Students.

Why didn’t you report to the school authorities?

-I did not report because they said they will kill me.

Principal of the school

Who said they were going to kill you?

-Ola and Shalom.

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Festus Ezeifedi Chukwuemeka

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