Medical Doctor Offers N1 Million Bribe After Minor Sexual Abuse

It has been reported that a medical doctor, whose name was withheld, has allegedly defiled a fifteen year old girl, and has offered a bribe of N1Million for the case to be closed.

This was disclosed by human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, on his official Instagram page.

According to Harrison, his team received a call from an anonymous person on a case which involves child sexual abuse about two weeks ago.

He made it known that, the accused happened to be a medical doctor with a hospital in Nigeria, and under the guise of checking the virginity of a maid sexually abused the maid.

Findings revealed that the accused openly denied the allegations, but later confessed to Harrison and his team, which was recorded through a spy camera, and would be released in due course.

Harrison also made it known that the accused offered him a bribe of N1Million to close the case, and that it will be used as an evidence against him.

Harrison also disclosed that the accused happened to be a serial child rapist upon further findings, and has been handed over to the law enforcement agents for further investigations.

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Esther Ifeoluwa

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