Insecurity: Media Should Support Troops With Their Reports – Military

Following measures to curb insecurity across the country, Major General Jimmy Akpor, the Director, Defence Information, has reportedly urged the media to use their platforms in helping various troops operations across the country.

Stating this after assuming office on Friday at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja,he maintained that the act would be the modest contribution of the press to national security.

According to him, “Bearing in mind that national security encompasses the ability of our nation to protect its citizens, economy and other institutions, the military, with other security agencies, have been in the forefront of maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation as well as facilitating economic, political and energy security, amongst other aspects of national security.”

He added that, “Permit me to bore you with one of the components of fighting power, the morale component, which enables personnel to fight efficiently, braving all difficulties while carrying out their constitutional roles.

” The press, our press, must therefore do its own part (as you have always done), in sustaining the morale of the citizenry and especially the morale of the military, along with other security agencies, as it deals with the contemporary security challenges that bedevil the nation.”

 He noted that, “Fostering the morale of the fighting troops, the morale of the military, would remain your critical contribution to national security as members of the press.”

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